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A Writer’s Block

So I have not gotten to my novel. Quick rundown for you: more research, then worry, then smash my head, then bleed and clean, then ice, then back to blog to write this post – staying awake for a couple hours at least just in case some strange symptom arises – and maybe try to write. I’m feeling tired and like watching a movie or going to sleep, but I would like to write some more fiction-wise today. Fingers crossed.



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As my blog title suggests, I am excited to share my writing experience with others. Share the Story of Writing.

I spent a few hours of the afternoon catching up on Writer’s Digest articles (it’s been a while) and all around enjoying myself in the name of research. Reading about writing is one way I get my creative juices flowing. I haven’t indulged in Writer’s Digest in a while, for various reasons, so it was in good time.

My munchkin just jumped up beside me. He loves to interrupt when I am writing. He’s my little time clock. “Time for a break.”  “Time for another break.”  “Time to focus on me.”  “Look how beautiful I am.” And he is. He’s a beautiful, part Siamese cat. Though he does not have the traditional Siamese coloring. Anyway, this isn’t a dissertation on my cat. 😉 Though I will share his photo soon.

After a little more research I am off to my novel again. Ciao!

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July 31, 2013 · 7:30 PM