A Writer’s Bump

I am a righty, so I have writer’s bumps on my first and third fingers of my write (right) hand. And now I have a new one…on my head. Last night’s ‘writer’s block’ is the cause of that.

Being a writer, I did see the opportunity in the experience. My head is bleeding and I’m trying to cement the details in my mind to write down later (I’m sure many people, writers, understand this), which I did with ice held to my head in one hand and my phone open to the notepad in the other (love that feature).

Hmm… I finally publicize my first post in this blog and about an hour later I get hit on the head. What does that mean? I hope it’s not foreshadowing. 😉 (If I get hit after this one, I might give up…No I wouldn’t do that.) 😀



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