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I am writing my first draft entirely by hand in notebooks (current one is almost full), and I am letting myself write the worst crap ever. Trying not to get too sick about it either (remember…obsessive). But there are some diamonds buried in the crap. I am no literary writer by any means. No one (I don’t think) is going to buy my books simply for the writing, but I pray to God they buy them for the stories.

As I write forward on my draft, my mind works, consciously and subconsciously, on the issues of the previous and of the future. When I hit gold, or a rock that might turn into gold, I record it electronically in my notes. I don’t want to lose any gems (some of which may become excerpts and premises for other books). And with my memory, I know better than to waste time after an idea, no matter how small, hits me (not on the head again, please).

Hopefully those I lost will circle back around eventually. And maybe at a time when I could find a depth in them that wasn’t there before due to some experience I have had since. Here’s hoping.


PS: Some beauties dropped down from the storks today and ‘write’ into my notes.


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