Gift of the Present (and Lupo)

Today was a good day, nothing strange to share. 🙂 No writer’s block, no hit on the head. Just relaxed and writing on my book. I thought it would be a perfect time to share a photo of my baby, my beautiful munchkin, Lupo Piccolo.

One of his favorite places to nap when I'm on the computer, so he can be close to me.

One of his favorite places to nap when I’m on the computer, so he can be close to me.

This weekend marks the first time I have been away from him overnight since May, when I vacationed for a week on the Florida beach. Beautiful, wonderful, serene place to rest and soak up poetry and creativity for writing.

Florida Beach at Sunset

Florida Beach at Sunset

I think sometimes we writers dream of the big break, that moment when our book is on the shelves, but I just love the writing process. The entire experience of losing yourself in a story, plunging down that deep hole and into another world. It’s amazing. It’s a gift. One I intend to thoroughly enjoy.

Sometimes I’ll catch myself thinking about the end goal of being published, and almost wishing I was already there. But I stop myself, pull my thoughts back to the present, and remind myself to enjoy the process. To not let this gift, that I will never have again, not with this book, slide past unnoticed. I want to revel in the process. I want to sink into it like slipping between cool sheets on a hot summer night. I must never forget to truly experience the present while working toward my future.

Enjoy the process of your life.


(Note to self: buy more notebooks…)


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