Mayhap The Ranting Of An Overzealous Mind

The sierra nevada mountain range USA

The sierra nevada mountain range USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So often I hear people say, and write, that such-n-such was the time of their life. “High school was the best days of my life.” “College was the greatest experience of my life.” So on, and so on. Well, may I just say this upsets me. And saddens me. That someone could settle for such an early peak, and only one mountain range in their life.

Why don’t we strive to make today, and every ‘today’, the best day of our lives? Why should we ever be subservient to the downward path? Onward and up!

I want my life to be continually uphill. Yes, with the dips of life, but always striving to end up higher on the other side. So, maybe, uphill is more difficult, maybe it takes effort and determination, and maybe it challenges me and makes me question. But I never want to live downhill. I want to move up. I want to see more as time passes. I want to understand more, feel more, be more. I want to see the view change and grow as I rise, and sharpen as my ‘eyes’ adjust to the new sights. I want to traverse new land, meet new creatures. I don’t want to live in one mindset. A mindset that the best days are done and over. I don’t want to circle the mountain time and again. I want to climb it.

I know it’s said “Never say never”, but…never let me say that my best days are behind me. If I’m going to have a best day of my life let it be my last one, and every one before better than the one before it.

Ranting complete. 😉




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2 responses to “Mayhap The Ranting Of An Overzealous Mind

  1. This is interesting I agree with your point that we should make everyday the best day but then I do say uni was the best time but it doesn’t mean that my best days are behind me for me it’s when I had some of the best experiences but I’m looking forward to making some new best experiences in the future. Excellent post

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