Ah, Saturday


August (Photo credit: randihausken)

Ah, a beautiful Saturday morning. Watching light grow in the sky while my French toast bakes, waiting for the aroma to call me back to the kitchen. *sigh*

Fall is truly coming. This morning, light did not gain any significance over the darkness until close to 7:00. That could have something to do with the storm – it is still overcast – but I don’t think it can take all the credit. To think it wasn’t that long ago when the sun was trying to blind me at 6:00 every morning.

Yesterday I was walking to my car when I met a surprise: fallen leaves a baked brown and crunchifying (process of becoming crunchy). Autumn is anxious. It refused to leave August untouched. August truly had some beautiful days reminiscent of September rather than the concentrated heat of a typical August day. It’s been lovely.

And this is lovely: sitting in a comfy chair, waiting for breakfast on a peaceful Saturday morning before the world awakes (except the cats), listening to the silence in between songs (well, song on repeat, but with plenty of Silence’ song in between). This peaceful silence is like space for the soul. It feels like there is so much room for it to breathe, to feel, to move out of this body and explore for a moment between worlds awake and worlds yet asleep.

This whole week there has been no peace. But there have been accomplishments and determined work. And then there’s Saturday, as it should be, a day to relax and recuperate (and work some more).

And there’s my breakfast, calling loud and clear to a hungry body. I must go. 🙂




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    I love French toast, myself.

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