Return to the Land of Fiction

Wide open spaces of Colorado. (I miss you)

Wide-open spaces of Colorado. (I miss you)

So it’s been a crazy week. I have been doing a bit of writing, but, unfortunately, for work and not on my novel. It’s been diffuclt, having to sit on my creativity when I could have made great progress. C’est la vie.

But today I got the chance to read through some of my notes, indulge myself in my world, visit with my characters, feel the wide-open spaces whilst in the city.

On my drive to work, which is approximately thirty-five minutes, my mind is always working on some story or another. And my current novel always gets at least a few moments, though usually it is the main event like today. I jotted a few notes at redlights. Measured in sentences, most red lights are extremely short. Even the long ones. 🙂

Today, amazingly, I stumbled into a lull at work and was able to elaborate on my previous one-phrase notes. I enjoy the busyness, but today was the perfect time for a lull. My creativity was revved up, and I had freed myself of many tasks, finally completed, which allowed me to keep my creativity door open, instead of quashing it.

It is so difficult, and painful, to smother that fire (I know, multiple metaphors, sorry). It holds so much potential. It’s tantalizing with possibilities. But it will come again. Gotta do what I gotta do. (Which includes work.) I believe it will help in the end. Experiences – pleasant, unpleasant, and indifferent – are research for the land of fiction.


(Written yesterday)



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2 responses to “Return to the Land of Fiction

  1. See. Now this is just what I love about the creative mind. No matter what is going on your life, you’re still creating! I’m proud to be able to nod along to his post.

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