Lupo, My Sweet Interruption


I love his white eyeliner.

I lounged across the bed, ready to begin writing on my novel. I reached down and picked up my notebook, but the page with the pen stuck in it was not from my current work. Not the same story at all. It was from a short story I had been working on a few weeks back (which, not 15 minutes before, I was sure I would not write until after my novel had been written in. I planned on writing on a short story, a different one, later). I had picked up the wrong notebook. They’re both black, just one is four times thicker than the other, which I somehow missed in picking it up. I read the last couple lines I had written and was pulled in. Redirected by coincidence, or something else?

It wasn’t long before my little munchkin came to interrupt me for a ‘love routine’. He sprawled across my notebook, and looked up at me expectantly. So cute. And irresistible. And…he knows it. 😉

After his ‘loving’, he hopped onto his desk (yes, he has a desk too) and had a snack of Friskies. Then he left me to my writing.

But only for about five minutes. The bed depressed lightly at my feet. He was back. He walked alongside my body, slinking lower with each move. His eyes had that Liquid Love look, which I so enjoy. He slunk passed my laptop and leaned into the curve of my torso, his head a couple inches under my chin. I wrapped my arms around him and leaned my cheek on the top of his head. He was purring, his eyes closed. He was content to be in my arms. He did not even desire petting. He stayed that way for some time.

My munchkin. My Lupo Piccolo. My sweet interruption. 🙂

IMG_0826 (2)

(Update: He’s back again.) 😉



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4 responses to “Lupo, My Sweet Interruption

  1. Kev

    He’s very much like our Aragorn. Aragorn likes to lay across my laptop…Mm. While I’m trying to type that is. Sometimes he’ll chase the mouse. I’ve found this to be a good thing. It tires him quicker and he goes off to do something else 🙂

  2. shirleyparsley

    A precious and welcome interruption!

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