Story Pregnancy


A week after the last addition (on the 7th of September), what happens? Well, I’m pregnant again. 🙂 (Any relatives reading this, please don’t freak out!)

Story pregnancy. Nothing more. 🙂

Saturday morning I woke up and decided to lounge in bed for a couple minutes. But it was not to be. A voice started speaking to me. An interesting character with an interesting threat. I found myself listening for some time. But eventually I had to face reality.

A family breakfast awaited at Bob Evans, a farewell to a beloved visitor (she’s going to read this later, so I had to say that…. 😉 Not really). 🙂 I took my notebook and jotted notes as I waited for the rest of the family.

I am most intrigued by this character and this premise. An unexpected gift. I have mini-maps for three short stories from it, and, hopefully, you will be seeing one in the near future – for sale on Kindle, Nook, et cetera. 🙂 All whilst I continue the writing of my novel.

Here’s hoping.




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3 responses to “Story Pregnancy

  1. shirleyparsley

    I love how your characters just start talking to you, as if they already existed! I liked your having a farewell breakfast with your “beloved visitor”. I know she will enjoy reading that later. I hope it isn’t very long before you get those short stories out. As I really enjoy reading your Story of Writing, it will give me something to read while awaiting your first novel.

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