The Origin of Stupid & Darlin’

Lead Me On (Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty album)

Lead Me On (Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How we received our names:

Several years ago, I was hanging out with Stupid at her house. We were sitting, gabbing, in the living room, and I was trying to turn on some music for the background. I had the remote pointed directly at the CD player, not four feet off, and pressed play, and pressed play, and pressed play. Nothing. It refused. So, me being the patient darlin’ that I am, I said, “Hello, Stupid!” while pressing it again. (I think I reserve my patience for people, rather than inanimate objects.) 😛

It worked. The words “Hello, Darlin'” sang out from the speakers in Conway Twitty’s voice. The first song of the first CD had been his.

Well, Stupid started laughing. I turned and looked at her. Maybe more like glared, accusingly. Just what did she think was so funny anyway? I was too busy being exasperated to recognize the humor in the situation. But, never fear, she explained…when she managed to speak. My glare didn’t help matters. But, nevertheless, the exasperated clouds were pushed away by laughter’s sunshine. 🙂

For years afterward, if I got exasperated with something and the words “Hello, Stupid!” should leave my lips, she always came back with a “Hello, Darlin'”, imitating Conway Twitty. Thus, we are: Stupid & Darlin’.

(Before Stupid & Darlin’ we had other nicknames, particularly during a certain week of our existence, but that’s another story.) 🙂


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One response to “The Origin of Stupid & Darlin’

  1. shirleyparsley

    Hilarious way to get nicknames! You have a way of telling a story that is very enjoyable. Thank you!

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