Ten Lives?


So sweet and beautiful.

In a discussion of random topics with my sister (the nutty one – oh wait, that doesn’t distinguish from them at all…), I wondered aloud at the origin of the phrase that cats have nine lives.

Why that number? Is it just that it was the 9 largest number before the double digits? (Not probable.) 😉

Sister: Yeah. It probably just sounded better. I mean, ten lives? That sounds stupid.

She cracks me up. Hilarious. Silly. Totally unexpected. Sounded like something that would be written for crazy comedy, not real life spontaneity. But, I guess that fits her. 😀 And I guess real life is the origin of comedy anyway.

By the way, I Google’d the origin of that phrase and came up with many different hypotheses. Some of which were downers, so I decided not to pursue the matter. 🙂


(In an interesting coincidence – my cat stepped across my laptop in the midst of my typing this and the number ‘9’ appeared in his wake. His paw smeared across several keys, but that was the only one to appear, and I didn’t even see his paw touch the ‘9’ key….I left it in the article as his ‘stamp’ of approval on the subject. Haha.)


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