#1 Insult of the Weekend

My sis was telling me about her work and her coworkers – new-ish job. They sounded varied and interesting. Being a writer and people-watcher (non-creepy kind) 🙂 I said I should ‘shadow’ her sometime or at least visit her at work sometime.

Sis: Yeah, you could do a shadow-work.

Me: Uh, ‘shadow’. Not ‘work’. 😉 …. I could just pop in for a sec if they would let me. Can you have visitors?

Sis: Yeah…. But it’d be better if you were invisible.

Gee, thanks… Of course she tried to say it was only so I could see them in their natural camaraderie, but I wasn’t going to fall for that. 😉



Filed under Humorous

2 responses to “#1 Insult of the Weekend

  1. Funny thoughts. Could be the beginning of something.>KB

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