October Sigh

"The Hut" - Bradda Glen - geograph.o...

“The Hut” – Bradda Glen – geograph.org.uk – 799386 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been meaning to share this for a couple weeks now. I received this ‘letter’ from a special friend with permission to share. She captured my own thoughts before I did. 😉 I thought it a beautiful depiction of Autumn, and the relish of something long anticipated. 🙂 Enjoy!

“Ever feel so blessed that you feel spoiled?    I have been waiting for October for months and today was a perfect weather day.   Yesterday I had worked in the yard and the biggest part was done –or at least as much as my legs and hips would allow for now.
After having lunch I retreated to my comfy swing in the back yard with the  last  slice  of  an homemade apple pie, a scoop of ice cream, a cup of coffee.   Along with that I had carried out a neck pillow for napping – just in case.    Yep, it was needed.    At first I put the pillow around my neck and just leaned back in the swing but soon I was stretched out and the gentle motion of the swing  lulled me to a quick nap.   Being a country girl at heart,  this afternoon would have been even more enjoyable if I had actually been in the country..  The surroundings make me feel that I am there but the sounds of the city are all around me..   But even that could not disturb this perfect October day.   Thank you God for your blessings to me.”



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2 responses to “October Sigh

  1. Your afternoon sounded lovely! I’m loving October too…the orange leaves, that feeling of wrapping up in the chill. A lovely post 🙂

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