Christmas Story

The Christmas Story (The Andy Griffith Show)

The Christmas Story (The Andy Griffith Show) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A week or so ago my sister, Lis, and I started watching The Andy Griffith Show. We had seen a few here and there over the years. Random. Never deliberately. But I had it on my To-Watch List on Netflix for over a year, and one evening we clicked on Season 1 Episode 1, and we were hooked. It’s hilarious. Since then we’ve snuck an episode or two in on our random evenings of hanging out.

Being only a week from Christmas, we decided, since we would be spending time together on Christmas Day, that we would watch an episode of Andy Griffith on The Day. Christmas was coming ever closer, and we were still sneaking in an episode here and an episode there. Christmas Eve came. I saw Lis that evening. “Andy Griffith tomorrow,” I reminded. “Yay! Andy!” was her response. (Yes, we have been a bit enthusiastic about it…) 🙂

About ten or so on the evening of Christmas Day (tonight) we were able to settle in for our episode of Andy Griffith. I pulled up Netflix on my laptop and navigated to the Andy Griffith page. The cursor hovered over our next episode, ready to click, and I stopped. I called to Lis, gathering her attention away from her rambunctious pup. The title of the next episode on our list was called Christmas Story. 🙂 A very cute and warm story about a lonely, old man trying to get arrested for Christmas in order to enjoy the Christmas party they were holding in their jail. (If you have access, it is a good choice for this time of year. Check it out.) 😉

This little coincidence gave us a smile, so I thought I would share it. 🙂

(By the way, I’m down to 27 books in 1 week. Help!!)


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