Losing Myself Behind the Walls of Music

I love looking back over my music playlist to see the places I lost myself in another world. Most common when I’m writing – as I often listen to music to block out other noises – but occasionally I get caught up reading while my music is on. Sometimes it’s just short segments: “Didn’t hear that song.” Sometimes I’ll find I’ve missed a long line of songs. This time – reading rather than writing – I found that for the past 45 minutes I have heard part of every other song, almost exactly. Just one segment where I missed 2.5 songs in a row.

When I’m writing I generally hear one song per 45 minutes, or sometimes part of a song every 30. The familiar songs fulfill their purpose: blocking the noise by allowing my mind to relax so far into their memorized path that I am completely unaware of it. Creating my writing closet with walls of music.

I don’t know why this interests me. 😉 I’m a strange one.



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One response to “Losing Myself Behind the Walls of Music

  1. You’re not strange! I have so much music on my iPod, I make new playlists all the time! But for me, I can only read to music that has no words. If it has words I start listening to them and thinking about other stuff which takes my mind off of what I’m reading. So I can only listen to music with words when I am working on a drawing or painting or doing other stuff. 🙂 Did you see my bit on Tom Petty?

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