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An Interesting Way to Play Charades

Humorous Scene from The Dick Van Dyke Show


Anyone still enjoy The Dick Van Dyke Show? 🙂

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Quotes With Stupid & Darlin’ Too

Stupid held a small, torn box in her hand. She was looking it over, face rumpled in concentration. She opened her mouth to say something and I said, “Yeah, that’s a good idea.”

She looked up, shocked. “You mean….tape it up?”


“How did you know that’s what I was thinking?”


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September 21, 2013 · 7:36 PM

Quotes With Stupid & Darlin’

Listening to a song:

Stupid: Did she say something about ‘in her heart’?

Darlin’: No.

Stupid: Oh. That’s why I never heard it before.

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September 19, 2013 · 3:54 AM

What a Character

Photograph of a Polish boy

Photograph of a Polish boy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s the cutest little boy at the preschool. He has a serious face, puckered lips, and curly brown hair in a man-cut. He is circa two years old and not quite two feet tall. But a fierce-some little bundle he is.

Every time, I see him either telling someone something extremely important or reprimanding them. Always in his gibberish, which sounds something like “oo joo juh joo too…” said through a tiny O between his puckered lips. The entire time he speaks, he is shaking and pointing his finger at them in a serious, no-nonsense manner, brows lowered.

Well, yesterday, on his way out, he stopped in the office as his mother talked with a friend. I had a perfect view. He stood just inside the door, talking fierce, and shaking his finger at his former teacher’s back as she clocked out. She was talking, but he continued to speak, even fiercer than before.

Finally, she turned around – still talking – and she had a cell phone to her ear. He paused and stared for a half second. Then he slapped his hand to his forehead, and just leaned there, covering one eye. The troubles he must bear. He just tries and tries, and this is what he gets.

The teacher had just concluded her call as he turned to leave, head down and shaking back and forth, and speaking gibberish to himself about his trials of life. She realized he had been speaking to her and called after him. “Goodbye, Sam. I’m sorry.” But he just sighed and lead his mother out the front door, still shaking his head. She gave a little laugh as she waved to his back.

What a character. I wish I had written him. It is so much fun to watch him giving instructions or lecturing. He is always talking. What will he be when he grows up? Lawyer? Professor? I predict something involving talking, at the least. 🙂 Children are so funny.



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The Power of Words (and Donuts)


Donuts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stupid has this knack for falling asleep. She can fall asleep anywhere, doing anything, and she will eventually. It’s quite entertaining to hear her try to read while falling in and out of sleep: ‘It was the best…*slowly drooping*…of…times….*chin on chest*…it was…*coming back up*…the worst…*drooping*…of…*snore*…’

But sometimes, oftentimes, she gets herself in such a state of sleep, it is impossible to get her awake enough to form a coherent sentence, not to mention convincing her to make the move from chair to bed. She has been this way for years. It is getting neither better nor worse.

Being health-conscious as I am, I worry about her body not getting the proper rest propped up in a chair, neck bent down, chin on chest for hours. So I try to wake her, in vain. I try to motivate her. This is extremely difficult as she is in a deep sleep, and doesn’t want to move about in the cool air.

But one day I found a solution. We had purchased donuts earlier in the evening, and she had been anxious to eat them all evening but refused to eat them until I was ready to join her. (She’s sweet, pun intended.) So, casually, after trying to wake her for over an hour, I said, “Hey. You want donuts?”

Her chin raised a notch, a silly smile curved her lips, but her eyes remained closed. She nodded and gave a hum of pleasure. ‘Alright, let’s get our donuts,” I said. Her eyes were still closed, silly smile still in place. “Come on. You have to get yours while I’m getting mine.” Her eyes opened, and soon she joined me in the kitchen, ‘bright-eyed and bushy-tailed’ as she would say. 🙂

A few months later, I was in a similar situation with her. I had exhausted my patience. I walked into the kitchen, basically conceding defeat. But I thought of something. “I wonder,” I said, quiet and to myself, “would she get up for…donuts?” She had been sitting in the living room , chin on chest, as before, but at that magic word her head popped up. This time her eyes were immediately opened and she was sitting at attention. I was already laughing. “We have donuts?” she asked. “No.”

We’re talking major sweet-tooth here. 🙂 Amazingly, she did not return to sleep in the chair, even without actual donuts. The word had worked its magic once more.

In conclusion, words can be great motivators. They undoubtedly create an effect. On paper, screen, or floating on air. They can encourage and discourage. They can bring life and death. They can bring ideas, create worlds, and build emotions.

Use your words to help others today. Encourage someone. Motivate. (But be careful who you offer donuts…) 😉


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What Was I Thinking???

Laughing Whitefish Falls

Laughing Whitefish Falls (Photo credit: James Marvin Phelps)

I was looking through my old notebooks, searching for a particular passage on a story idea I had decided to resurrect, when I found a strange note. Granted, it isn’t so strange to find a strange note in one my notebooks.

A couple years ago, I was randomly flipping through a notebook and found a note that said one of my favorite characters in the book was going to die. Then, I began a sentence explaining the circumstances of the death. Apparently I was interrupted because the sentence stopped at two words, and the rest of the page was blank. And this was a character I could not imagine ‘killing’, yet, obviously, at some point, I had imagined that very thing. However, I’m never to know why, or how the death occurred.

So, you see, strange notes are not so very abnormal. But this one really took me by surprise. It read as follows:

Where does lint come from and would you like to go there on vacation?

Has anyone read something like this before? Did I get it from an article? If not, What Was I Thinking??? If so… What Was I Thinking???


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