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Quotes With Stupid & Darlin’ Tre

Stupid: I got both of them for free…Accidentally.

Darlin’: Is that another way of saying you stole them?

Stupid: No… It had to be accidentally…I think.

Darlin’: Sounding more and more like you stole them.

No, she didn’t steal them. And she did tell me how she came by them, but, being as I did not write it down, I do not remember. Maybe she does… (Unlikely). 🙂


(One of the suggested tags for this post was Sea Salt….go figure.)

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The Origin of Stupid & Darlin’

Lead Me On (Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty album)

Lead Me On (Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How we received our names:

Several years ago, I was hanging out with Stupid at her house. We were sitting, gabbing, in the living room, and I was trying to turn on some music for the background. I had the remote pointed directly at the CD player, not four feet off, and pressed play, and pressed play, and pressed play. Nothing. It refused. So, me being the patient darlin’ that I am, I said, “Hello, Stupid!” while pressing it again. (I think I reserve my patience for people, rather than inanimate objects.) 😛

It worked. The words “Hello, Darlin'” sang out from the speakers in Conway Twitty’s voice. The first song of the first CD had been his.

Well, Stupid started laughing. I turned and looked at her. Maybe more like glared, accusingly. Just what did she think was so funny anyway? I was too busy being exasperated to recognize the humor in the situation. But, never fear, she explained…when she managed to speak. My glare didn’t help matters. But, nevertheless, the exasperated clouds were pushed away by laughter’s sunshine. 🙂

For years afterward, if I got exasperated with something and the words “Hello, Stupid!” should leave my lips, she always came back with a “Hello, Darlin'”, imitating Conway Twitty. Thus, we are: Stupid & Darlin’.

(Before Stupid & Darlin’ we had other nicknames, particularly during a certain week of our existence, but that’s another story.) 🙂

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Quotes With Stupid & Darlin’ Too

Stupid held a small, torn box in her hand. She was looking it over, face rumpled in concentration. She opened her mouth to say something and I said, “Yeah, that’s a good idea.”

She looked up, shocked. “You mean….tape it up?”


“How did you know that’s what I was thinking?”


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September 21, 2013 · 7:36 PM

Quotes With Stupid & Darlin’

Listening to a song:

Stupid: Did she say something about ‘in her heart’?

Darlin’: No.

Stupid: Oh. That’s why I never heard it before.

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September 19, 2013 · 3:54 AM

The Power of Words (and Donuts)


Donuts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stupid has this knack for falling asleep. She can fall asleep anywhere, doing anything, and she will eventually. It’s quite entertaining to hear her try to read while falling in and out of sleep: ‘It was the best…*slowly drooping*…of…times….*chin on chest*…it was…*coming back up*…the worst…*drooping*…of…*snore*…’

But sometimes, oftentimes, she gets herself in such a state of sleep, it is impossible to get her awake enough to form a coherent sentence, not to mention convincing her to make the move from chair to bed. She has been this way for years. It is getting neither better nor worse.

Being health-conscious as I am, I worry about her body not getting the proper rest propped up in a chair, neck bent down, chin on chest for hours. So I try to wake her, in vain. I try to motivate her. This is extremely difficult as she is in a deep sleep, and doesn’t want to move about in the cool air.

But one day I found a solution. We had purchased donuts earlier in the evening, and she had been anxious to eat them all evening but refused to eat them until I was ready to join her. (She’s sweet, pun intended.) So, casually, after trying to wake her for over an hour, I said, “Hey. You want donuts?”

Her chin raised a notch, a silly smile curved her lips, but her eyes remained closed. She nodded and gave a hum of pleasure. ‘Alright, let’s get our donuts,” I said. Her eyes were still closed, silly smile still in place. “Come on. You have to get yours while I’m getting mine.” Her eyes opened, and soon she joined me in the kitchen, ‘bright-eyed and bushy-tailed’ as she would say. 🙂

A few months later, I was in a similar situation with her. I had exhausted my patience. I walked into the kitchen, basically conceding defeat. But I thought of something. “I wonder,” I said, quiet and to myself, “would she get up for…donuts?” She had been sitting in the living room , chin on chest, as before, but at that magic word her head popped up. This time her eyes were immediately opened and she was sitting at attention. I was already laughing. “We have donuts?” she asked. “No.”

We’re talking major sweet-tooth here. 🙂 Amazingly, she did not return to sleep in the chair, even without actual donuts. The word had worked its magic once more.

In conclusion, words can be great motivators. They undoubtedly create an effect. On paper, screen, or floating on air. They can encourage and discourage. They can bring life and death. They can bring ideas, create worlds, and build emotions.

Use your words to help others today. Encourage someone. Motivate. (But be careful who you offer donuts…) 😉


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Tunnel Vision

Old Amagi Tunnel which is famous for The Danci...

Old Amagi Tunnel….Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka, Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You’ll find out soon enough, so I might as well let the cat out of the bag. I’m pretty crazy. (Pretty: word used to soften and dress up the truth.) Or maybe I’m pretty and crazy. 😉 (Haha.) “No, Officer, on my honor, I have not been drinking. I did have a little Chinese though.”

With that ridiculous, just-to-prove-I’m-crazy introduction, I will move to the main event. I wanted to share a story with you.

I’m not the only character in this tale. You see, I have a partner in crime, and she’s just as crazy as I am. I mean it. We once stumbled, giggling, down a hotel hallway – bumping into walls and everything – at 2 o’clock in the morning – quiet as possible – each with a bottle of root beer in our hands. (Yes, I said root beer.)

But that’s not this story. For the sake of the story, for now, let’s call her Stupid and me Darlin’. Now, before you throw rotten tomatoes in my face, let me explain that these nicknames do not necessarily have any bearing on our personalities and were gained quite spontaneously with neither deserving our respective titles. I was not being a darling (happens more than I’d like to admit), and she was not being stupid. Then. Uh, scratch that. (Then.) *cough* 😉 But that is a different story as well.

This story took place several years ago. It’s probably not the best story by which to introduce Stupid and Darlin’, as it paints us as such idiots. But, I think, everyone has their idiotic moments. It keeps us humble, and interesting. 🙂 (Please, don’t ever be this interesting.)

Back then we enjoyed taking drives, taking the long routes and enjoying the journey sans map. We would still enjoy these, but we don’t seem to have the time anymore. (Note to self: take a drive with Stupid.)

One lovely day, we were taking one of these long-route drives to meet some family. We didn’t have to get there immediately, so we took side roads virtually the whole way. We would look down a road, think, “Hm, that looks interesting” or “We haven’t been down this one” or “Let’s turn left this time”, and off we went, always moving in the general direction of the selected meeting place.

One such turn lead us down a road we had been down before, though it had been a long time. It was a straight shot, and we would not have gone all the way, but we spotted a dark, arced area where another road rose into a bridge.

Stupid or Darlin’, not sure which, said, “Look, a tunnel.” Now, maybe that’s selective memory. But, no matter. Whoever said it first became irrelevant as we both jumped on the bandwagon. “I never knew there was a tunnel under ‘Baker’ Road.” “Has that always been there?” “I wonder where it leads.” “Let’s find out.”

Excitement swirled in our stomachs. Another adventure. We had discovered something new in our very own stomping grounds. Something we never knew existed before and we were off to explore. The excitement made its way into my foot and we accelerated, though not too much as we were in a neighborhood. We were zipping down the road, eyes trained on the tunnel, when…


The car slammed into a bump and heaved over it at suddenly alarming speed. (No, we did not speed up, but it suddenly felt way too fast.) Our bodies jolted, heads touching the ceilings as our insides were stir-fried. The next second was slowed down by the speed of my now-turned-on brain, which was realizing several things. (1) That ‘bang’ had been a curb (meant to be slowed down for) that served as a speed bump for the entrance of a parking lot. (2) I was now in said parking lot and nearing the end fast. (3) There was no tunnel. That was brick with windows and a door and cars parked in front of it. The sharp inhale next to me said Stupid had realized the same things.

My foot stomped on the brake, and held till we came to a complete stop. If anyone happened to look out their window at that moment, they would have been wondering why two people were parked in the middle of the lot, sitting ridged in their seats, mouths hanging open, eyes wide and staring straight ahead. One gripping the steering wheel in a death grip. The other with a stiff arm to the dash and a similar death grip on their door handle.

Our ‘tunnel’ (unlike the one in the picture) was an apartment building. And there was another to our left, and another to our right. Nice, sturdy brick buildings with automobile bodyguards. We would not’ve had a chance. But we had noticed none of this till now. Gives new meaning to the term tunnel vision.

Now, if we had been in our right minds (if we have those) and thought it out, we would have realized a huge flaw in that ‘tunnel’. Namely, if there was a tunnel and we did drive into it, we would have dropped smack-dab in the middle of the interstate. Not a good adventure.

Back in the parking lot: We looked at each other, eyes still wide, hands still gripping, and dissolved into two puddles of laughter in the front seats. After a short while, we decided to spare ourselves the feeling of multiple sets of eyes from a multitude of windows, turned ourselves around and got out of there. We laughed all the way to our destination. I had to keep wiping tears from my eyes so I could see the road (not that it had been much help before).

Many times throughout the evening, and for several days to come (and, even now, years later) the image of our ‘tunnel’ and what we must have looked like flying into that parking lot comes back to our minds and we find ourselves puddle-ing again. Rather difficult to explain when someone walks around the corner at work and you burst into laughter. Turns out, they aren’t too eager to believe that it was just a memory and had nothing whatsoever to do with them. Alas, some things can’t be helped.

This has been an episode with Stupid & Darlin’. I hope you enjoyed. 🙂

I think every experience we, all living beings, have is sewn into our story of life, and, for writers, into our fiction. It has an effect. It gives us an insight, even if it is merely into the day-to-day ‘stuff’ of different people, or the kerfuffles of unsuspecting humanity, or even the hilarity two crazy kooks manage to talk themselves into.

Sometimes the gathering of info is so subtle we do not even realize we are doing it (*cough* Miyagi *cough*). But down the road (not the tunnel), when we need it, it bleeds into our story, adding the smack of authenticity. It really is a beautiful thing. The subconscious is an amazing tool. But let’s not fall into that deep rabbit hole of thought. 🙂



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